Diary of a Christian Schizophrenic

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Christophrenic is the pen name of a 43 year old Christian writer, poet and filmmaker who suffers from schizophrenia. He is married and has got two teenage step children and two young daughters. He become ill in 1992 after spending 8 years of his youth in prison for violent and money motivated crimes and had a breakdown because he’d also regularly taken drugs.

His diary writing is often driven by anxiety and fear and is cathartic and therapeutic because writing his thoughts and feelings usually makes him feel better, as it alleviates the pain, and he does also write when he’s feeling happy and positive, so feels its a balance.

Christophrenic strives to lead a noble, Christian life but still struggles with using adult pornography sometimes, but hopes to eventually overcome this habit and also hopes to be completely healed of his illness one day, as he longs to be free of the psychological torment and horrible side effects of medication that he often experiences. He still loves the medication though and is grateful for it as his health would be worse without it and generally it keeps him reasonably well and stable.