About Me

My name is Paul Warwick and I’m a 53 year old Christian writer, filmmaker, poet, actor and
photographer who suffers from schizophrenia.
I became mentally ill after I’d spent 8 years of my youth in prison, and because I’d
regularly taken drugs, including cannabis, heroin, crack and ecstasy. And I took a lot of
these drugs in prison.
I’ve now been married to my wife Tara for 17 years. And I met Tara in church. I’ve got
two grown up step children and two teenage daughters.
All of my creativity is therapeutic to me, and helps me cope with the symptoms of
schizophrenia, and gives me enjoyment, goals and a purpose in life.
I have qualifications in filmmaking now and have made many short films, including
dramas, documentaries and a music video. I’ve also filmed numerous weddings, baptisms
and plays etc. And I’ve now written 18 mainly slim books, and have so far had 3 of them
published as ebooks under my previous pen name Christophrenic. And recently I’ve self
published a paperback novella called Creepers. I’ve also had some poems published and
many articles published in magazines and newspapers, including articles in The Guardian
and The Observer, Sorted magazine, Camcorder User, Mind and Soul, Inspire, and Premier
In the future I hope to get more of my writing published and continue making short films
and get more extra and acting parts and one day produce, write and direct feature films.