3 Prison Poems


Cracks within a once stone heart,
As a rose begins to grow,
But will it bloom to its full beauty,
Only time will know.

For time is the essence of my world,
For I am locked in pain,
Penal system incarceration,
Fighting to keep sane.

Oh yes, its very hard for a new born rose to grow,
Without the love and nurturing it needs,
Still surrounded by poor sad souls,
Rose thorns cause my heart to bleed.



I’m a child of nature,
Yet they lock me in a cell,
Creative mind so beautiful,
Yet here it rots in hell.

All alone, no one to love,
I cannot take this pain,
Tortured mind and soul in chains,
How it hurts the pain.

Free me please,
Oh hear me God,
Won’t someone hear my cry,
Locked away,
Can’t take this pain,
Just feel I want to die.



One day I will be free,
To forget the past,
And what used to be.

Walking untouched,
And unchained,
The beauty of my soul,
Free to love again.

Back to nature,
Away from steel bars,
Among high streets full of people,
Colours, noise and cars.

Back to the family,
So long I have missed,
Then one day my own,
Beautiful wife and kids.