A Better Diary of a Christian Schizophrenic – Volume 10

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A better diary of a Christian schizophrenic is the 10th and maybe last diary that Christophrenic will be writing. It reveals an insight into his day to day life of being a 43 year old schizophrenic writer, filmmaker and poet who is a Christian and married with two teenage step children and two daughters.

Christophrenics diary writing has often been cathartic and therapeutic as it helps him cope with his symptoms of illness. He also reveals with painstaking accuracy the symptoms he experiences and what its like to live with schizophrenia.

He’s moods are often up and down, and fluctuate from sometimes feeling suicidal, to other times when he feels blissfully high and at peace. And his book also reveals haunting aspects of his past, such as the time he spent in prison when he was younger and delusions and fears that he often experiences that he’d be locked up again. He’s worries about being framed by the police for example, are typical of the paranoid delusions that are caused by his schizophrenic illness.

Christophrenic feels that his 10th diary is the best he’s written so far and he feels that not only does the book show that his health is slowly getting better, it also shows that he is becoming a much better writer.