Hi, I’m Mr Heroin,
I make you feel so nice,
Try me once sucker,
And you’ll probably try me twice.

Either inhale my fumes,
Or jack me in your vein,
I’ll take you so high,
You’ll never wanna come down again.

From your first fix onwards,
You could be hooked for life,
Everything for me,
You’ll sell and sacrifice.

And because I’m so generous,
Your first fix is often free,
But after that,
You gotta pay with money.

Addiction to me,
Doesn’t come cheap,
To feed your habit,
You’ll steal, beg and cheat.

You could end up in jail,
Surrounded by violence and hate,
But don’t worry when you’re released,
I’ll be waiting for you at gate, with a dealer your best mate.

I won’t let you go easy,
You could be addicted to me for life,
And one day you could overdose and die,
Another wasted life.