Crack cocaine,
Can turn you insane,
Can ruin your life,
And pull you down a drain.

Crack cocaine,
Can cause you pain,
When you smoke off a rock,
You’ll quickly want another again.

An addiction to crack,
Will cost lots of money,
Can lead you to steal,
Cheat and commit robbery.

Like, I say,
It can make you beg, steal and lie,
Can mess up your life,
So that you breakdown and cry,
And make you crash so low,
That you’ll want to die.

If crack cocaine gets hold of you,
It could quickly change your nature,
Erode your morals,
And make you a selfish hater.

You’d stoop so low,
To feed this addiction,
Sell your soul to the devil,
And reject what is Christian.

You could be blinded by greed,
And selfishly seek more,
You might sell your body,
As a dirty street whore.

You could end up in jail,
And stunned by shock,
Locked in a cell,
Because of your addiction to rocks.

Stay away from crack,
The drug is so evil,
And has ruined the lives,
Of so many people.

If you’re addicted to crack,
You’re no longer in control,
In the grip of evil spirits,
That will take over your soul.

At first the drug,
Might seem like a thrill,
But it will deplete chemicals in your brain,
And you could end up being ill.

You could end up with schizophrenia,
Psychosis and madness,
Which could take over your goodness,
And make you chose badness.

Stay away from crack,
It could cause you so much pain,
Drag you into the gutter,
And make you ashamed.

So stand strong brothers and sisters,
Don’t ignore my words,
Addiction to crack,
Could make your life cursed.