Jeremy Higham, known as Jez to his friends, is a 50 year old, award winning international
filmmaker. He’s been to over 25 different countries and filmed in nearly all of them.
Jez is the son of millionaire parents, and he grew up in a very large house in Lancashire,
with a five acre garden, which had a tennis court and a swimming pool. But though his
parents were rich, he sensed an unhappiness between them.
At the age of seven Jez was sent to boarding school, and by the age of fourteen he
started, drinking, listening to heavy metal music, and experimenting with soft to medium
strength drugs.
Jez got into filmmaking after a university friend suggested they buy a video camera to
make sporting videos for places like ski resorts and golf clubs. Their first real break came
when they were asked to film industrial work on oil rigs. Jez’s passion for documentary was
then born.
Jez later went to London and got a big break making high budget videos for various
companies. First he was an assistant producer, then a director.
Jez then worked in Northern Ireland, making short news films for Ulster Television. Then
he started making feature length documentaries for The Lonely Planet series, commissioned
by Channel 4.
He then made single documentaries for Channel 4, about famous people, including Eddie
Irvine the racing driver, which brought Jez critical acclaim at national level. After this, so

many TV companies started to bombard Jez with offers of work, that he felt it difficult to
handle and sometimes he had panic attacks.
Jez then made a film about an orphanage in Moldova, in Russia, where girls were dying at
a rate of one a week from starvation, and the girls were often in the dark, some of them
sleeping on bin liners and laying in their own faeces. It was one of the most harrowing films
Jez had ever made. It was during the making of this film that Jez had a powerful experience
of God and he became a Christian.
Jez had came back to England for a while and had been at a party with a group of
Christians who he thought were amazing, so he started doing an Alpha course at their
On the fourth week someone prayed for Jez to receive Jesus into his heart and Jeremy
felt an overpowering weight and peace come into his body and he laid on the floor feeling
wonderful. He knew something very profound had happened.
Jez then set up Cornerstone Films, with two church friends and they made a feature
length documentary called God Bless Ibiza, about a group of Christians who had a ministry
evangelising to clubbers and holiday makers in Spain. The film was shown at peak time by
Channel 4.
Jez had became a Christian about fifteen years ago, and a couple of years later, he
married his beautiful wife Esther, who’d produced the Ibiza film. They now have a nine year
old son called Asher, and a six year old daughter called Daisyella.
Nine years ago, Jez moved from their house in Brixton, South London, to a semi rural area
in Edenbridge, Kent. Jez describes this move as like being let out of jail. They moved to a
modest ex council house, that backs onto sprawling green fields. And they were able to buy
fourteen acres of land at the back of their house when it came up for auction.

Jez and his wife now run a company making short promotional films for businesses,
charities and other organisations. Esther also does some work as a presenter at Premier
Christian Radio and Jez has also preached and given motivational talks to audiences of up to
three-thousand people.
As a filmmaker, Jez has been on a steep learning curve. Not only has he learned the
practicalities of filmmaking, but has also learned to cope with the emotional side, and some
of the things he’s filmed have caused him to feel mentally drained and later reduced to
tears. This has given him a passionate heart and an empathy for people experiencing
suffering and he’s used his talent to help, educate and make better in some way, the things
he was seeing.